Looking For International Travel In Budget? Here is a list of cheapest countries to visit!

Are you looking for an International trip but tight on budget? You have come to the best place where I have shared the cheapest countries to travel, also these are the safest country.

Keep reading to find the safest, easiest and cheapest countries you can travel.

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Above posts will help you save more on your travel.

Most of the third world countries are the cheapest and easiest countries to travel if you are from Western Countries or Developed countries.

The reasons are:

  • Developed countries’ currencies fetch much more value in these countries. eg: 1USD=74 or even more in these countries.
  • They provide visas on arrival, making it quite convenient to travel to these countries.
  • Hotel stay, food, and local shopping are very cheap

Being cheapest does not always mean being the safest. You may want to avoid some countries where civil wars are rampant.

Also, some countries may be very cheap but you may not enjoy it due to the poverty that is visible everywhere.

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Cheapest Countries to Visit In 2023

1. Indonesia: 

Indonesia is a beautiful continent country in the Indian Ocean. This island offers one of the finest beaches in the world at a very cheap price. 

Depending on which country you are from, you can check the currency exchange rates and find out how cheap this travel is going to be.

The flip side is, this island country is prone to a lot of natural calamities, including volcanic eruptions! You may end up re-planing this trip or cancel it altogether

2. Nepal:

The land of the might Himalayas, Nepal not only attracts trekkers but also nature lovers. The weak currency makes this beautiful country very economical for tourists.

Reaching Nepal via India may be a better option for many internationl tourists, check out the link below for more details.

Get details about Nepal travel

3.  Bhutan:

Bhutan, the first carbon-negative country in the world is a must-visit just to enjoy its natural beauty. 

All travelers from western countries will have to pay $250 per day and it will cover all their expenses!

Previously tourists from India, Srilanka were exempted from many rules but now all have to get a Guide and a hotel stay (from the list of Bhutan Government) before they will be allowed in Bhutan. Read details in the link below.

Get Details about Bhutan Travel

4. India

You will find all kinds of tourism in this south Asian country. The biggest democracy of the world , largest country in terms of population and 7th largest country in terms of land mass, You will be amazed by India.

You need beaches or snow or lush green or a trekking experience, you will get everything here.

Guide to India Travel


Which country is cheapest to travel to?

Any third world country (developing and un-developed) are very cheap to travel. Just ensure the government there is stable and political situation of the region is condusive for tourism.

Which European country is cheapest?

The countries that broke away from former USSR and geographically located in Europe continent are the most economical countries to travel. Just compare their currency with your countries currency and if your countries currecny value is more, you got your next travel country.


Traveling the world can be pretty cheap, just identify the correct country, time of visit and enjoy your trip!!

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