My list of places to visit in The US

The USA is a beautiful country to visit. There are whole lot of places to visit in US, in this post I will share my personal experience of visiting some of the famous places and some non-conventional places in the US.

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Places to Visit in the USA

1. Hot Springs of Reno

Hot springs are the natures hot tub! There are many hot spring spots in the US, but the one that stands out in my mind is the Hot springs of Reno.

There are natural as well as man made hot springs, few are easily accessible few need you to trek.

Click the link to read the full review of Hot springs around Reno, NV

2. Yosemite National Park

This is one of the famous tourist spot near the Bay town of SFO.

You can visit this park in Winter or Spring, you will get two totally different experience, each worth every moment you spent there.

Click the link to read more on Yosemite National Park  and how to get most out of your visit there.

3. The small city Cheyenne Wyoming

Click the link to read the full review of Cheyenne Wyoming , one of the un-conventional places to visit in the US. 


4. Memphis, the city of FedEx, Elvis

Memphis is one of the biggest city in Tennessee, famous for Elvis Presley and now FedEx. There is a lot of history of this city you would like to explore.

Click the link to read Memphis, TN Things to Do

5. The world famous Las Vegas

Your US trip will be incomplete without visiting this man made wonder in the midst of desert!

Vegas also tops the cheapest city for Holiday in the US!

Monday to Thursday the streets are deserted, come Friday and the whole scene changes in the strip of Vegas.

Click the link to read how to best plan your trip to LasVegas, the beautiful Sin City

6. San Francisco, the Bay city

SFO is one of the biggest cities in the west coast of the USA.

The city of famous Golden Gate bridge has many more things to offer, click the link to read my full experience and hacks to enjoy the city sightseeing at a budget, The Bay city of SFO

7. Phoenix: Enjoy the Desert and Snow fall

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona. The Arizona desert offers not only huge cactus but also you can enjoy snow!!

And this is natural snow, not man made. Click the link to read more about The Sun City, Phoenix

8. Flagstaff, the snow bowl in desert

In the desert state of AZ, snow is just a couple of hour drive away! Click the link to read more about how to enjoy the Sun and Snow, Flagstaff, AZ

9. Atlanta

One of the cities in East coast of the US, you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of the big cities but there are way you can hack the big city cost and visit Atlanta without burning a hole in you pocket.

Click the link to read how to visit Atlanta and enjoy on a budget.

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