Asia Trip is safe and budget friendly.

Asia, the continent that hosts most of the developing countries along with the oil rich countries.
There are so many beautiful places to visit in Asia and many of them are among the cheapest tourist spots!!

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Places to Visit in India

India is among the best places (and cheap too!) to visit in the world. The diversity it offers to tourists is just phenomenal.

Right from the wonderful Taj mahal to Silicon valley of India, from Hill stations to Sea shores, from modern life to glimpse of veridic life… you name it and you will get it here.

If you are travelling from Western countries, there is an added advantage, the value of Indian Rupee (INR) is much less than USD or Euro Or Pound, this means full enjoyment at discounted rates!!

Here are list of places I have visited in India and my experience. If you plan to visit these places, you can gain by my experiences.

How to travel to India?

India is well connected with all the major cities of the world. There are many International airports in India, depending on your travel plan, you can select the nearest International airport.

India offers Visa on Arrival to few countries, for all other countries a Visa is mandatory.

If you need to take a connecting domestic flight in India, I recommend Indigo or Vistara airlines.

Mumbai (Bombay): Financial capital of India and the must visit Places

The hustle and bustle of the city life, the peace of sea shore, the most happening night life… all in one place and its called Mumbai.

How to get the most out of your Mumbai Visit

Matheran, the mini hill station near Mumbai:

Matheran is the nearest hill station to the Financial capital of India, Mumbai. This is Asia’s smallest hill station and the no polluting vehicles are allowed here!

Matheran Toy Train

Mysore: The land of History and Royals

The beautiful and peaceful city of Mysore is just 4hrs drive from Bangalore. With so many transportation options available, this can well be your first place to visit outside Bangalore.

Best Travel Itinerary for Mysore

Coorg: The coffee hill

Coorg has its own charm. Though it does not rank among the best hill stations of India, you may want to tick it off from your list of places to visit.

Places to visit in Coorg

Nandi Hills: The best view of Sunrise and Sunset

Located around 50-60km from Bangalore, this is a beautiful place just at “the backyard of Bangalore”. This is one of the half day trip but you can add spots and well make it a 2 day trip.

A tourist’s guide to Nandi Hills

Goa: Beach, Sun, Party and more…

Goa is one such place in India where people visit multiple times. The full night party, the freedom and the weather during November to February attracts tourists.

The other months, the low cost of vacation is the attraction!

Check out why Goa is so special

Adiyogi, Wolds biggest Lord Shiva’s bust statue

Located around 30 km from the city of Coimbatore, you will love the quite and serenity of Adiyogi.

Indulge in the spirituality, Adiyogi Travel Guide

VaishnoDevi Katra-A spiritual trip on the mountain

Feeling spiritual? Want to see thousands of people trekking, horse riding and other ways to reach hill top go get a glimpse of Goddess Vaishno Devi?

If you are not overwhelmed with the crowd, do visit Vaishno Devi Temple (around 20km trek)

VaishnoDevi Katra Yatra Guide

Tourist places on India’s Map

Visiting any foreign country can be very over whelming in terms of which place to visit so as to cover maximum tourist spot.

The link below shows you all the tourist spots in India on a map!

This will help you plan which city should you land so that you can save some time in domestic travel to visit your place of interest. 

Click to see Tourist places on India’s map 

Dubai, The modern day wonder!

Dubai is among the tourists most favorite destination.

The land of man made island also boasts of world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa.

Read theĀ Guide To Visit DubaiĀ 


The world is so beautiful, it has room for the ultra rich as well the budget travelers. Places to visit in Asia is for both the class.

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