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OYO Coupons

OYO 33% Coupon

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What is OYO Hotel?

OYO hotels and Rooms guarantees you of cleanliness, quality of service and breakfast. OYO brand ensures their service criteria is met before giving their brand name to any Hotel or House stay.

Goal of OYO is customer satisfaction in the budget hotel segment across the world.

What does OYO mean?

OYO is the acronym for “On Your Own”.

How to book OYO hotel/OYO Room?

You can book OYO rooms by visiting their website

OYO has its presence 35 countries and is still growing.

For booking room in the US, it will take you the US website based on your IP address else use

OYO app is also available on Android and Apple.

You can also book OYO rooms on popular Online booking platforms of your choice.

How is OYO different than AirBnB?

OYO business model is different that AirBnB. In short to compare and differentiate between OYO and AirNnB, we can say OYO is a regulated AirBnB.

OYO leases Hotel rooms and ensure those rooms are as per OYO standards!

My Experience with OYO Hotel in Goa

I planned to celebrate my 10th marriage anniversary in Goa with my family. It was the month of December, the peak tourist season in Goa.

After checking at various online hotel booking sites, I found OYO hotel rooms rates to be at the lower side.

I read few reviews and it was a mixed reaction. Any how, I went ahead and booked 2 rooms for my family.

The rooms were bigger than what I had imagined, the washroom was clean and had essential toiletries.

AC was effective, TV showed local channels and cartoon channels.

Morning breakfast was very good. We requested for Indian bread stuffed with potato (Aloo Paratha) on all days and they were kind enough to adjust their plan.

The unlimited Tea, coffee was icing on the cake! We stayed for 4 days and the hotel staff helped us with arranging for our Goa sight seeing.


OYO offers you budget hotel and rooms with a guarantee that you will get a certain experience. It has become a name of quality in hotel room industry. 

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