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Who am I:

Howdy Fellow Traveler!!

My Name is Rajeshh, you can call me Raj. Remember Raj from the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory? Now hopefully it’s easy for you to remember 😉

Unlike “that Raj”, I am not a scientist. I am a traveler and a blogger!

This blog, NoFrillTravel, is my attempt to share my first-hand experience on my travels and how I save money while traveling!!

Do we share a common interest? Then definitely you and I can be buddies!! 

Note: We are migrating from RBTravel to NoFrillTravel for better managing the blog.


Free travel is a myth but getting cheap traveling options is a reality. It just needs patience and all can travel on a budget without compromising on safety.

In this blog, I will be evaluating all the travel options like bus, air, self-drive car, carpool, etc, anything that will help me provide you good budget travel hacks.


Budget travel will cover USA local travels and also tips on saving on International travels. 

I will be sharing my observations on these sites and depending on which day of the week you are booking your flight tickets, you will be able to get cheaper tickets.


At budget travel, I am constantly striving to bring the cheap and best travel experience.
I believe Journey is as important as Destination. 

Taking a Uber and directly reaching the tourist place will not give you much insight into what that city is like, how its people are… try taking public transport and feel the difference!

I hope you will get something worthwhile by reading the posts in this blog, do comment I would love to hear from you.


Keep on reading NoFrillTravel and do share what you liked and what was not to your liking, I will definitely take it positively and will try to improve upon it.

Ta DA 👋

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