What is Hilton For Business Travel Program?

On 17th Jan 2024, Hilton launched a new Digital Forward travel program that will benefit professionals evolved in small and medium business (SMB).

This will not only enhance offers and discounts but also simplify travel management for SMB’s.

Benefits of travel program offered by Hilton for business

This program offers an extensive set of new tools that will delight its users doing travel bookings apart from providing Hilton Honors benefit to customers and their employees world over.

Following are the benefits:

  1. Discounts spread across Portfolios: The SMB’s that enroll into this travel program will get access to 7000+ Hilton properties, both on website and Hilton Honors app.
  2. Travel Rewards: Companies will earn milestone bonus through Hilton Honor that includes
    • 7500 Hilton points after completing first hotel stay
    • 5000 Hilton points after completing 10 night stays
    • Personal Hilton Honor Points will be credited to Individual travelers as well as Business owners.
  3. Faster Onboarding Process: To enroll, business representative can visit HiltonForBusiness on Hilton.com and enroll the business using their own personal Hilton Honors account. Once registered, the business and its employees get access to booking website.
    • Individual travelers can also create their personal travel profiles.
  4. Enhanced Program Management: Business owners can delegate program management to multiple persons apart from tracking their spends, review historical spends and understand benefits.


Hilton have brought up this new Business Travel program to make it easy for SMB’s as it was observed that over 70% small business do not outsource their travel bookings and they manage it themselves.

This is an attempt to reduce the time spent on travel bookings.

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