Your search for Costco Flagstaff ends here…

Flagstaff is a snow city in the desert state of Arizona, USA. Famous for its snow sports, it attracts lots of tourists during the season. Costco is one of the famous wholesale chains in America.

So what is the connection between Flagstaff and Costco

Well, none!!

They are so un-connected that there is no Costco in Flagstaff!!

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Alert: Must have for Flagstaff

Make sure you have following in your car while traveling to Flagstaff or infact any snow area.

1. If your car is not 4 wheel drive, or even if it is, its good to be extra cautious and carry Tire Traction Chains in your car. In many areas its mandatory to chain up before entering snow area.

2. The low temperature causes your battery to drain out quickly. I once got stuck at Flagstaff with my battery drained.

There was no cell coverage so calling Insurance was out of question. Luckily someone had a jumper cable in his car and help me start the car.

Not many people keep this cable in their car, so this is one must have, it may help you out as well as you will be able to help anyone who needs it!

Is there a Costco in Flagstaff?

Short answer, “No”. Not satisfied with the short answer, the long answer is “Nah”

There is no Costco in Flagstaff, I found it the hard way. After a night’s stay in Flagstaff, I wanted to top up my gas tank before moving ahead.

I entered Costo in my GPS and started driving, it took me to SAM’s!!

I checked with a few locals and they mentioned there is no Costco in Flagstaff.

Nearest Costco to Flagstaff

Prescott is the nearest Costco you can find to Flagstaff, its 62miles from Flagstaff.

Click here to find the Costco near you

Why there is no Costco in Flagstaff?

Costco has a target about the population in the area. Any area where it will not get ROI, it does not make sense to open its shop there.

Wait, no Costco but there is SAM’s, that does not make much sense… I gave it a thought but then I moved on…

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Things to do in Flagstaff

  1. Snowboarding 🏂
  2. Skiing- Snow-bowl is famous for this 🎿
  3. Make snow man ⛄⛇
  4. Have a snow fight 😄
  5. Visit Downtown Flagstaff 
  6. Visit Lowell Observatory 
  7. Visit Sedona- around 1 hour drive from flagstaff
  8. Visit Grand Canyon South Rim- Around 3 hour drive
Costco Flagstaff

Flagstaff is surrounded by Desert, Mountains and Pine forest. In fact, it is home to Arizona’s tallest mountain- Humphreys Peak
It is around 3hrs drive from the Arizona capital city of Phoenix and one of the best places for a one day trip.

As per “Legends Of America” website
Flagstaff is often called the “The City of Seven Wonders” because it sits in the midst of the Coconino National Forest and is surrounded by the 

  1. Grand Canyon, 
  2. Oak Creek Canyon, 
  3. Walnut Canyon, 
  4. Wupatki National Monument, 
  5. Sunset Crater National Monument
  6. The San Francisco Peaks

What months does it snow in Flagstaff?

Snowfall could start in Flagstaff anytime between October and December. 

It averages inches of snow each year. To avoid disappointment, check before planning to visit Flagstaff.

Average temperature in Flagstaff 

Flagstaff avg temperature graph

Don’t dare following in Flagstaff:

If you are visiting Flagstaff during peak snow season then be careful and do not attempt the following: 

⇒ Driving two-wheel-drive (2WD) or not using chain in case of the front-wheel-drive instead of a 4WD car.

⇒ Parking at roadside- police are constantly patrolling and they may book you.

⇒Not carrying enough food/snacks and freshwater

⇒Not carrying protective cloths like Gloves, Waterproof jackets, body warmers, waterproof boots

⇒Not carrying Snow sliders

⇒Not having full tank gas, based on where you reach, the Gas station may be far off.

⇒Not carrying first aid kit.

Do not miss any of these gears else your fun trip may turn into a torture trip.

Flagstaff Costco: Making snow man

Alternatives to driving Greyhound bus also connects Flagstaff with other cities but it will be very time consuming but if you have a “Drive-o-phobia” then better use Greyhound.

My car battery drained while we were enjoying snow!!

This was a horrible experience but had a positive outcome, keep reading if you are intrested

I was lucky to get a good parking spot near a snow patch. I parked my car and we went out in snow for few hours.

When we returned, the car would not start!! 

May be it was due to the cold or I left some light switch on, the bottom line was my car battery was drained.

Getting insurance company send a van around that place did not look very likely, besides the phone network was very flaky!!

I went around asking a few car owners if they had a jumper cable but no one had.

Luckily, a truck drove in and parked beside my car. Reluctantly, I approached the person driving the car and he did have the jumper cable!!

The good man helped me start the car and we thanked him and drove out of Flagstaff.

The first thing I did after reaching home was to buy a jumper cable!!

This was not only for the fear of getting stuck again in similar situation, but also for the fact that very few carry this in-expensive cable with them.

Besides, I wanted to be equipped with this one so that I can help someone else in case of similar situation!

In case you connect with my story, you can buy it from your favorite store during black Friday sale or otherwise or buy it on Amazon, link given below.

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