Guide to get best deal from Priceline rental Car

Priceline Hacks to save money on car rental
1.Use Priceline Car Rental Express Deals
2.Use Coupon Codes to get additional discounts
3.Enroll in VIP and get the cheapest car rental on Priceline
4.Select Airport location for pick up and drop only for odd hours
5.Avoid weekends and long holidays
6.Top up the gas tank before returning the car
7.Use existing insurance to cover for rental car insurance

Easier said than done?? 
Not exactly, keep on reading this Priceline car rental review for detailed steps on how to take advantage of the points mentioned above.
Priceline Express DealsPriceline Name Your PricePriceline Tonight Only Deal
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Note: I was not able to find Express Deals for Car rental ever since Covid. Priceline has not announced anything about removing Express deals but you will not find the option in car rental. It’s available for the Hotel though. Instead, You can see a new button “Unlock Deal” for now.

Priceline rental car

Priceline is an Online aggregator platform that offers cheap car rental along with hotels, flight, cruise, vacation bookings.

Priceline Car Rental Review | Ratings


Let a bot help you book car on Priceline

Priceline Car Rental Express Deals

Express Deals is one of the tools from the online booking site Priceline. This tool is available for Hotel booking, Flight booking as well.

How to get Priceline Express Deal for car rental?

Follow these simple steps to get a car rental Express deal:

  • 1. Navigate to
  • 2. Click on the Cars tab
  • 3.Enter location and dates and click on the Find Your Car button (dates should be within 15 days to get Express Deal)
  • 4. Select the “Return car to a different location” check box if you will be dropping the car at another location.
  • 5.Browse the options and look for an Express deal. You may get one of the rental car brands, the name will be displayed only after making payment.
Priceline Car Rental

In case you are not able to find the Express Deal, you may get the lowest rate by clicking on the “Rental Car Sale” banner as shown below

  • 6.Click on Choose button and check the “Summary of Charges”
  • 7. Enter Contact information, Driver information, etc and click on “Reserve My Rental car”
  • 8. The due will be charged at the time of Pickup.

Enjoy your ride!!

Book car on Priceline

Note: Insurance will be extra. Either use your existing driver insurance (if allowed) or buy new for the number of days you are booking the car.

Priceline car rental insurance

Priceline car rental phone number

You can connect with Priceline to resolve any query on its car rental phone number: 877-477-5807

Not in the US? check Priceline Customer Care numbers across the world.

I suggest using other online tools if you do not want to be on hold for a very long time!:

 Chatbot: Go to Priceline contact page and search for chat option

 Text: 33296 is where you can text Priceline

Priceline Car Rental Cancellation

To cancel a car rental, there are two options:

1. Logon to the Priceline account and select cancel after finding your trip or look for the Cancel option in your reservation page.

2. Call Priceline Customer support

Priceline is an aggregator and handling cancellations is not in its control. You need to refer the actual service provider with whom you got confirmed and find the cancellation policy.

For details, read: 3 Ways To Cancel Priceline

Priceline Name You Price Car Rental

Priceline has canceled the bidding options. The bidding tool was called Name Your Price, You can no longer use it.

Priceline Car Rental Coupon

To get Priceline Car rental discounts, You will get Priceline car rental coupon codes in your email if you have an account with Priceline.

Further, based on your VIP status, you can get additional discounts on car rental with Priceline.

Express Deals in itself gives discounted rate. You can apply other discount codes as well to get few more dollars off!!

Get Coupon Code

If you have an account with Priceline, it will send the coupon codes by email.

Check out  Priceline Coupons

Which Car Can I Get From Priceline?

Priceline offers all kind of cars, suv, van, convertible, pickup truck.

Depending on your choice, you can set filter while searching car to avoid clutter.

How to collect car from Priceline?

Depending on from where you opted to pickup your rental car, you will have to reach out to the provider you selected at the time of booking.

Remember, Priceline is just an aggregator and you will not find Priceline Car as such but will get you rental cars from companies like Avis, Budget, Routes, Sixt.


Is Priceline Express Deal good for rental cars?

Yes, this deal gives you the best rate as compared to other Online players.

When is Priceline Express Deals Car Rental available?

This deal is available only if you are booking a rental within 15 days. You will not see this deal if you are planning to book beyond 15 days.

Is Priceline legit for car rental?

Yes, Priceline is a legit business entity and its car rental business is a legit business.


You can save some money with Priceline…but the same is true with other Online providers. Check the rates at multiple sites before deciding.

Are there other money-saving options you use while booking cars? I may write a post on it for other people’s benefit. 

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Priceline Review: Is Priceline Legit?

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