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Here is summary of all you need for Priceline rewards Visa activate process and Credit Card Login,Payment (both online and offline).

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Priceline Credit Card Online Account AccessClick for Login and Payments
Priceline Card Customer Service Help, Pay By PhoneClick to Make call 877-523-0478
Priceline Credit Card Payment AddressPriceline Credit Card Payment Services, PO 60517, City Of Industry, CA 91716-0517

Do read this before going ahead with your card as any wrong step will mean lots of customer help desk calls and un necessary hassles.

 What is Priceline Rewards Credit Card?

Priceline credit card also known as Priceline Rewards Visa card is a loyalty card from Priceline in collaboration with Barclays.

How to log in to Priceline Credit card?

For Priceline Visa login, follow these simple steps:

1. You will have to visit Barclays site or Click here to log in to Priceline Credit Card

2. Enter your credentials and you are in!

Priceline rewards visa activate and Priceline Credit Card Login

Priceline rewards visa activate process

Once you receive your Priceline credit card, call the customer care number to activate the card or follow the instructions that came along with the Credit Card.

You will be asked some questions like:

  1. Last 4 digit of ssn
  2. Date of Birth of the card holder
  3. Account number
  4. US citizen or not
  5. Desired User name (for online login)
  6. Password

Priceline Loyalty Program

What is Priceline Credit Card/ Priceline Rewards Visa Card?

In order to reward its loyal customers, Priceline has introduced two channels:

1. Priceline Rewards Visa Credit Card

2. Priceline VIP

Priceline credit card priceline rewards visa activate

How to get Priceline Credit Card?

You can browse to Priceline website and scroll down to the location where this Rewards card is listed.

Click on Apply and it will ask you to fill a form.

Fill in the details and after your credit verification, you will get confirmation.

Do note that in case credit verification fails, card will not be offered.

In that case you can still use Priceline VIP loyalty program where credit verification is not needed!

Priceline credit card credit score

You must have Good (600-719) or Excellent (720+) credit score in order to get Priceline credit card.

Advantages of Priceline Rewards Credit Card

1. It’s Free

2. Earn $150 statement credit after your first purchase.

3. Additional rewards points on eligible Priceline purchase (5x)

4. Single-point earned after every non-Priceline-related purchase.

5. Get Priceline VIP Gold membership 

6. No Foreign transaction fees on purchases made while traveling.

7. Not linked to anyone Hotel, Airline, Car rental, you can earn on any bookings.

8. It’s a Visa card and is widely accepted across the world.

Priceline Visa Rewards Credit Card Login, setup online access

This Credit Card is in collaboration with Barclays, hence to log in to Priceline Visa Card, you will have to go to Barclays website.

Difference between Priceline VIP and Priceline Visa Rewards Credit card

#VIPCredit Card
2No credit checkCredit check required
3Start with basic Member levelStart with VIP Gold
4Valid only for PricelineValid for non-Priceline as well

Priceline credit card payment

You can pay your Priceline credit card outstanding either online or by calling customer care.

For online payment:

You can either download the Barclays mobile app and make payment there or pay using the website.

1. Login to your Priceline credit card account

2. Under Summary of charges, select Make Payment

3. Select the amount you want to pay.

You can also mail your check to Priceline card service. the information will be available in your welcome kit.

Do note that you can either make full payment or just pay the minimum amount to enjoy the full credit line.

Do note that interest will be charged on outstanding balance.

Is Priceline Credit Card worth it?

In case you are not loyal to any particular brand of airlines or hotels or car rental company, Priceline credit card will give you a definite advantage.

What ever shopping related to your travel or otherwise you do, you will earn points that can be redeemed.

How to redeem Priceline Points?

You can redeem your points in any of your travel bookings.


What is the Priceline Credit card Customer Service phone number?

Priceline CC is provided and managed by Barclays, hence for any queries you need to call Barclay’s customer care at 1-877-523-0478

What Credit score is needed for Priceline Credit Card?

Like any credit card, you need to have a good credit score of around 650-700 for qualifying for the Priceline Rewards Credit card.

Priceline credit card login

For Priceline Credit Card login, you will have to visit Barclay’s website as the card is issued in partnership with Barclays or Click here to log in to Priceline Credit Card

Priceline credit card Payment address

You can also send your payment to

Priceline Credit Card Services, PO Box 60517 , CA 91716-0517


Priceline Loyalty Program has credit cards and Priceline VIP as two options.

Priceline Rewards Credit card is a good way to earn points and save money if you are a frequent Priceline user. Being a Visa card, its accepted around the world.

Hope this Priceline credit card review was helpful.

For Priceline credit card login, visit Barclays site.

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