How to take advantage of last minute deals on Priceline?

Priceline Last minute deals, specifically Priceline Tonight Only Deals is available only for its mobile app users, US numbers only (iPhone only). 

This feature is to target the "On the road" customers who did not plan for the stay but are now looking for it.

Get in the car, enter the destination and the app will list all the discounts in real-time. It will refresh the list as your location changes.
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Priceline is one of the popular Hotel, Flights, and Car rental booking online platforms. It provides various tools like Pricebreaker, Express Deals that help travelers get cheap Hotel rooms, best airfare, and car rentals.

Every found yourself in a new city with no place to stay? This may happen in emergency travel or just because you forgot to book the stay!!

This is a very tricky situation, the hotel you approach may have rooms available that they are willing to sell for cheap rate but they will not say it upfront, for what ever business reason they may be having!!

These kind of rooms become available online by some of the OTA platforms. Priceline Tonight Only deal is one of those.

Even Priceline Express deals my be included in the last minute booking as it becomes active only if your stay is withing 2 weeks of booking.

Priceline Last Minute Deals: Tonight Only Deals
Priceline Last Minute Deals

How to get Priceline Last Minute Deals on Hotel Rooms?

In case you have to visit a city in a hurry or if you are the one who likes doing things at the very last moment, tonight only deals are just right for you.

Just fire up the mobile app, enter the city you want a hotel room and click on Tonight Only Deals.

Note: These deals are available from 11am to 11pm or till the stock lasts.

You may get the best rate at the very last moment as hotels may want to give the rooms at a very low price rather than let it go vacant. 

But this may backfire if and you may end up with no room to stay (this is more likely if there is a special occasion in the city you are in or during weekends)

Do note that these deals may not be available in all the cities as Priceline is still expanding its network to offer this deal.

The good thing about this deal is the hotel name, its rate, and the exact location is displayed upfront along with customer ratings.

This helps you make a quick decision.

How to download Priceline App for Tonight only deal?

You can either download the app from AppStore or visit the Priceline website, enter your US phone number there and it will send you a link to download the app.

At the time of writing this post, this app was available only for iOS.

Remember, Priceline Tonight Only Deals cannot be cancelled!!

Tonight Only Deals FAQ

What is Tonight Only Deal?

The deals that are valid only for the night of booking are termed tonight-only deals.

Are Priceline Tonight Only Deal cheaper?

It may or may not. The whole logic of tonight’s only deal is the availability of “unsold stock”. In case you try this deal when demand is low, you will get the best rates and vice versa.


Last minute bookings are always stressful and costly. Thanks to tools like Priceline Tonight only deals, you stand a chance of saving money even on the very last moment booking.

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