Does Priceline give discount on Disney world tickets?

Priceline has made its name in the Online travel booking business by the virtue of its offerings like Pricebreaker and Express Deals.

While Priceline offers great discounts on Hotel rooms and flights with these tools, you may expect similar discounts on Priceline Disney World tickets.

Well, this is not the way it works. Priceline does not offer any cost advantage but still you can save some money with Priceline. Keep on reading..

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When you are looking for Disney World Tickets, you may have two things in mind:

  1. The ticket for Disney park
  2. A place to stay while visiting Disney

Do Priceline Sell Disney World tickets?

The answer is yes and No.

Yes because it does have a link on its website that re-directs you to the Disneyworld website. 

It’s more like an affiliate partner of Disneyworld where all the bookings, ticketings, and everything is taken care of by Disney while Priceline earns a commission just by pointing people to its website via its affiliate link. 

No, because of the reason mentioned above and also you do not get the discounts you thought you will get if booked via Priceline.

So it does not make much difference if you buy from Priceline or the Disney website itself.

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How to save money on Disney World with Priceline?

Now, coming to the second point, about your stay while visiting Disney.

Here you can expect good discounts from Priceline.

If you select a stay inside Disneyworld, the rates may be similar when booked from the Disney website but if you decide to stay around Disney, you are in for big discounts.

Check out Priceline Express Deals that will save you some money, beware- the name of the hotel will be disclosed only after you have made the payment, needless to say-no refunds on cancellations!

Click to Buy Disney World Tickets on Priceline

Video explaining about Disney Ticket booking

Note: Rules are changing quite frequently. Watch this video for reference but do make sure to check the latest on the Disney website.

Click to Buy Disney World Tickets on Priceline

Disney World Attractions closed in 2022

Be mentally prepared to find following attractions closed due to various reasons in Disney World.

  1. Walt Disney World Railroad
  2. Splash Mountain
  3. Enchanted Tales with Belle
  4. Star Wars launch bay
  5. Voyage of the little mermaid
  6. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Harmony Barbershop
  7. Expedition Everest
  8. Festival of Fantasy Parade
  9. Mickey Magical Friendship Faire
  10. Fantasmic
  11. Jedi Training Academy 
  12. Finding Nemo- Permanently closed
  13. Traditional meet and greet
  14. Blizzard Beach Water Park

ReferenceDisney World Closures

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