Megabus Offers Many Cheap Tickets for $1,$10 and in between.Its Pretty Easy To Get….

Looking for Cheap Megabus tickets? You landed on the correct page. Keep reading to know how to get Megabus 10 dollar tickets Online and many other cheap tickets, every time!!

You can book these tickets online and with the hacks mentioned in this post, you may very well get the cheapest bus tickets available!

You can get Metrolink a $ 10-weekend pass and enjoy an unlimited ride on Saturday or Sunday.

Megabus $10 Tickets

Depending on at what time you are trying to book Megabus tickets, you may get tickets anywhere in the range of $1 to $65!!

Using the steps mentioned above, you will find many $10 options for various dates.

You can get Metrolink a $ 10-weekend pass and enjoy an unlimited ride on Saturday or Sunday.

Megabus tickets for 1 dollar

  1. Browse to
  2. Navigate to Farefinder and click on “Find Tickets”
  3. Enter Origin and destination.
  4. Click on Months to see on which date 1Dollar tickets are available
  5. Go ahead and book it if the dates are as per your liking

The same steps can be followed on UK and CA sites to get 1pound/1 Canada dollar tickets. Need details, keep on reading…

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Cheap Megabus Tickets 1 Dollar

What is Megabus?

Megabus is a budget bus service provider that operates in the USA, Canada & UK. Unlike Greyhound in the USA, it does not connect all the locations but has good coverage in the East US.

Megabus service restarted between Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

Megabus Ratings:

It’s always good to know what others are saying. Here are the star ratings of a few of the independent websites.

Influenster★ ★★
Trustpilot★ ★★
ReviewBlogTravel★ ★★★

How to get Cheap Mega bus tickets?

To get $1 or other cheap Megabus tickets

1. Browse to

2. Explore->Fare Finder

1 Dollar Megabus ticket

3. Click on the button “Find Tickets”

4. Enter an Origin and click Continue

Megabus ticket booking

5. Select Weekend Trip

How to get Mega bus tickets

6. For the number of travelers, select 1

Megabus one Dollar ticket

7. Option if you have a special need- As required

8. Click on Months and see dates where a $1 or other cheap ticket is available.

Megabus 10 Dollar ticket

9. Go ahead and buy the ticket!!

Megabus cheap ticket booking

Is Megabus still running?

Yes, Megabus is still running with Covid protocols in place. You will have to wear a mask throughout the journey.

Megabus 1 dollar tickets

Who will mind getting cheap bus tickets and knowing a way which guarantees this 1 dollar ticket deal is completely out of this world…

Well, I know it and I got it…I got this deal not once, but twice -from Memphis to Atlanta and back😁. 

I not only got the cheap tickets but also enjoyed the very comfortable and pleasant journey!! Don’t forget to read my review Megabus Ticket To Atlanta,Travel with Family.

Megabus Deals

Megabus announce many offers and deals on their Twitter handle. Some of those is:

  1. Free travel for those whose flights got cancelled due to shortage of staff.
  2. One currently going on is get travel voucher worth $20 by tagging friends on Twitter.

Click to connect with Megabus on Twitter

Does Megabus have a low fare?

Megabus is the king of low-fare tickets and I just love it for that. Not only it offers $1 tickets, but it also has few $3 or $5 tickets.

My Verdict– Megabus is comfortable, safe, and low in price.

In some cases, you may not get a 1$ ticket but may land on $2 or $3 or even $10 tickets.. not a bad deal, right? 😉

Megabus 0 dollar tickets

I did not find this option, but I believe this is just clickbait but then I did get $1 tickets which is just a tag costlier than a $0 ticket, right? 😉

Megabus ticket prices:

Megabus prices are lowest if you book months in advance. It may go up sharply as the demand increase.

The Cheapest Megabus tickets are between $1-$3 and the costliest I saw is $65.

Where does the Megabus go?

Megabus mostly covers the East part of the USA. You will not find its services in West cost.

How to book Megabus tickets?

You can buy Megabus tickets online from the Megabus website.  Select your country (US, UK, CA) and follow the simple step-by-step process.

Megabus Cheap bus tickets are available if you book few months in advance or use the hack mentioned in this post.

Does Megabus have a low fare?

Megabus is known for its low fare, especially one-dollar tickets. The hack is mentioned in this post -How to get one dollar ticket on Megabus, every time!!

When do Megabus tickets go on sale?

You can buy Megabus tickets approx 3months in advance. Early bird gets the one-dollar tickets!!

Can I buy Megabus tickets at the station?

Megabus does not have its own dedicated bus station, it piggybacks on Greyhound or any other station.

In most places, you may find the bus stop to be near a metro station or some other public place.

So to answer your question, “Can I buy Megabus tickets at the station”- No, you cannot. You need to either book it online or via a call center. 

How to cancel Megabus ticket?

You cannot cancel Megabus tickets, you can change them for a different day.

Can I change Megabus ticket time?

Yes, you can change your ticket time by paying an additional fee. Also, it should be done at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure of the bus.

  • 24 hours before departure: $3
  • 6-8 hours before departure: $5
  • 3-6 hours before departure: $7.50
  • $2.50 will be charged as a new reservation fee

If you are requesting a change over the telephone instead of doing it online, an extra $7 will be charged.

Is Megabus reliable?

Dude, are you reading my mind? 😅 I had the exact question before I booked the tickets. I was traveling with my wife and Kid, so I had to be double sure about it.

As always, there was mixed feedback on Megabus reviews but I went ahead and booked the tickets…after all, it was just $1 😇

And I had a very pleasant journey, you can read the details below.

Is there any difference in the quality of service for the cheaper tickets on Megabus?

Not at all, except for the reserved seats, all the other seats are first come first serve basis… making a $1 ticket traveler at par with $30 or whatever is the highest cost of the ticket for that journey.

Do you have to reserve seats on Megabus?

There is an option to reserve seats at the time of booking tickets at extra cost. These are the front seats.

The cost of reserving is also a few $ or just ignore it if you don’t want the front row seats.

How much luggage can you take on Megabus?

Megabus allows one check-in and one cabin luggage and it’s very strict about it. If you need to carry extra luggage, book it by paying extra.
This policy is irrespective of your ticket cost.

What type of bus does Megabus have?| Are all Megabus double-decker?

Megabus operates both Double Decker and single Decker based on the route.

These are weather-controlled buses with charging points and wifi. Do not expect much from the wifi though.

Are pets (dogs, cats) allowed on Megabus?

No, Megabus policies do not allow dogs or cats on the bus with the exception of service animals.

Service animals must be properly harnessed and must be in control of the passenger.

Do Megabus have plugs?

Yes, Megabus do have plugs for charging your electronic devices.

Where are the power outlets on Megabus?

This is a tricky one 😊. Power outlets are available in every alternate row in Megabus. 

So if you are the lucky one to get a seat in the row with a power outlet on the body of the bus or at the back of the row seat in front of you, be kind enough to allow others to plug their device in there.

Am I allowed to eat inside Megabus?

Yes, you can eat inside Megabus. Alcohol is not allowed.

How to push the seat back on Megabus?

Well, do not expect too much from that push lever/button that is on the side of your seat. It may just push it back a bit, not enough for you to recline.

To locate the lever/button, just explore at either side of your seat and you will find a small stick-like thingy which you should be able to press down/up to recline your seat.

Is Megabus journey non-stop?- MegabusReview

No, in fact looking at the distance covered by Megabus, it’s not practically possible for a non-stop journey.

Does Megabus have a toilet on the bus?

Yes, there is a toilet on the lower deck of the bus.

There are enough stops to grab a snack, take a bio break, or just stretch your legs.

Are Megabus tickets refundable|Can you return Megabus ticket?

At the time of writing this article, Megabus did not have the policy of refund or return but they do offer to trade in for another journey provided it’s done 3 hours before the departure of the bus.

Do I need to print out Megabus ticket?

No need, you can flash your ticket on your mobile or any other device and that will be good enough.

Is Megabus safe?

Heck ya, it is safe!! I traveled in Megabus with my wife and 10year old kid many times and never did I feel unsafe. 

The driver makes sure there is no nuisance caused inside the bus.

Keep on reading if you are interested in knowing my experience with Megabus which will also answer some of the questions which I may have missed😊

Megabus Phone number/customer service- MegabusReview

You can reach out to Megabus customer service on

1 (877) 462-6342

Either you can connect to customer service via phone mentioned above or can go through FAQ from Megabus Help

Is Megabus better than Greyhound?

Megabus vs Greyhound

I have traveled in both Megabus and Greyhound and the following are my observations:

  1. Seats are more comfortable in Megabus than Greyhound.
  2. Greyhound service is available all across the US but Megabus have limited segments.
  3. Megabus’ travel time is less as compared to Greyhound because Greyhound tries to cover more areas.
  4. Greyhound has a bus stop facility but Megabus either piggyback on other operator’s bus stops or does not have one.
  5. Greyhound does not have $1 tickets, Megabus does.


 Is Megabus really $1?

Yes, Megabus offers few $1 tickets. Tax extra making the $1 ticket around $3!!

Is there a Hack to get Megabus 1 dollar ticket?

On the Megabus website, go to “fare finder”. If you are not very particular about the date of travel, you will definitely get one dollar ticket using this hack.

 Is a $1 Megabus ticket available only in a specific area?

1dollar trip is available on all the routes of this bus service.

Is a $1 Megabus ticket a limited-time offer?

I had the same doubt when I first heard about it but on further digging, I found that Megabus offer cheap tickets if it’s booked a couple of months in advance. 

How much is Megabus ticket?

You can get affordable bus service  and book Megabus ticket online in the range of $1 to $65. It all depends on at what point of time you buy it. 

 How to get Cheap Megabus tickets?

To get cheap Megabus tickets, book as early as possible, check the fare finder (tool in Megabus), and adjust your travel dates as per the cheapest available tickets.

How to find Megabus Fares?

Visit the Megabus website, enter the Origin and Destinations, travel dates and click on submit button to get Megabus Fares.

Who owns Megabus?

Megabus is owned byStagecoach Group 

Does Megabus have wifi?

Yes, Megabus does have wifi. It’s free but do not have great expectations from it.

Can you buy Megabus tickets for someone else?

Yes, there are no restrictions on buying Megabus tickets for someone else.  
While making the booking, just enter other person’s email, phone number so that he/she gets the ticket.


I am able to get 1 dollar Megabus tickets every time, what about you? 

It turned out to be a very comfortable journey. I was able to take a nap for a couple of hours which would not have been possible if I was driving my car.

Total travel time was around 7 hours, not bad…

Fellow passengers were considerate and no one created any nuisance.

My Verdict– Mega bus is good for single persons as well as family. It’s safe, reliable and with some planning, you can get cheap megabus tickets as well!! 👍

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