I 94 correction email sample:

Once you get the correct email id (process explained below how to get the correct email id), start writing i 94 correction email.

You can use the following email format to communicate with CBP.

I 94 correction email sample

Following is the editable copy for your quick use.

Hello Sir,

I am writing to request a correction in I-94 “Admit until date” for my wife/kid.The stamped visa expiry date is <date> but Admit until date on I-94 is <date>.

I believe I-94 Admit until date should be the same as the visa expiry date. The attached pdf has the following details: 

  •    1.Passport picture page
  •    2.Personal data page
  •    3.Visa page
  •    4.Picture of the latest entry in the USA (stamp in the passport)
  •    5.Copy of L1 petition

Kindly consider updating the I-94 data. Do let me know if more details are needed.

Regards <Your name>

As per Hunton blog, the following are some more email address as per location

1. Boston:  [email protected]
2. Charlotte:  [email protected]
3. Chicago:  [email protected]
4. Houston:  [email protected]
5. Miami:  [email protected]
6. Milwaukee:  [email protected]
7. Orlando:  [email protected]
8. Seattle:  [email protected]
9. St. Paul:  [email protected]

How to get i94 updated from the comfort of your home?

I94 correction email is enough to get your i94 updated from the comfort of your home!!

I recently got my I94 correction done online (via email to be specific). If you are also looking to get I-94 data updated/corrected without leaving the comfort of your house, you are just in the right place 😇, keep reading...

I94 correction emailsample format is shared above that I used to communicate with CBP.

How to get I 94 corrected Online?

  1. Search for closest CBP office
    • If your city name is not listed here, look for a city that is close to yours. In my case, Memphis is not listed here but I found it in New Orleans.
  2. Look for the contact number and give them a call during normal working hours.
  3. Ask for I-94 update/correction department
  4. Speak with the officer and they will give you an email address or guide you with the process of getting it done in your city.

Keep on reading to know the details along with the email format you can use for this.

I94 Correction Email i94 online updation and download i 94

Once your i94 is corrected, you may want to travel, get cheap flight tickets using Google Flights!!

In my case i.e Memphis TN, the officer asked me to send documents (pdf format only) in email. I sent the I 94 correction email to the Memphis mail address and it was updated within 30minutes!!

While I was Googling (is that even a word?? but you got my point, right 😉) for more clarity on getting I94 correction done, I read some blogs where it was mentioned that we need to fix an appointment with the CBP office and personally go there with all the documents.

But those were old blogs and the process got changed now. I did not have to personally visit the office… lucky me 😇

PS: I believe an update by email is not available at all locations but I can be wrong, could not verify it.

People are inquiring about san Francisco i-94 correction email, the process

is the same irrespective of you are in SFO or JFK or Boston!! Keep on reading to get the list of docs, the email sample/format, and other steps if you find your I94 is not updated.

What is I-94/I94/I 94

As per Wiki, Form I-94, the Arrival-Departure Record Card, is a form used by U.S. Customs and Border Protection intended to keep track of  the arrival and departure to/from the United States of people who are not United States citizens or lawful permanent  residents

How to obtain I 94 online?

I 94 retrievals (online) is very simple. Just follow these steps to download your i 94 in pdf format, 

  1. Visit the I94 CBP website
  2. Consent to the security notification
  3. Enter the mandatory Traveller info like
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Birthdate
    4. Passport Number
    5. Country of Issuance
  4. Press the Next button and it will display your latest I-94 online.

    Sample I-94

i 94 sample for your reference in case you want to know how it looks

I94 Correction Email Online-sample

CBP Online|I-94 Automation:

As per US Customs and Border Protection (CBP),

  • to increase efficiency, 
  • reduce operating costs, 
  • and streamline the admissions process

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has automated Form I-94 at air and seaports of entry. 

The paper form will no longer be provided to a traveler upon arrival, except in limited circumstances. Travelers will be given a CBP admission stamp on their travel document. 

If a traveler needs a copy of his/her I-94 (record of admission) for verification of alien registration, immigration status, or employment authorization, it can be obtained from CBP Online i.e www.cbp.gov/I94

This was an important step in making I94 Onlinecorrection possible.

Why correction is needed in I 94:

Sometimes while entering the USA, there may be some mistakes made in I-94 data, in my case it was “Admit until date”. 

It’s best to get the data updated to avoid issues during the visa extension process.

In my case, the Admit until the date for my son was less than the visa expiry date, which would have made him “out of status” before the visa expiry date.

Irrespective of need, make sure i-94 travel history correction is done to be on the safer side.

The incorrect arrival date on i-94

Having an incorrect arrival date on I94 is rare but it could happen. I believe same process can be followed to get the correction done if I 94 entry date is wrong.

Budget Travel tip: Normally, the Visa expiry date and Admit until date should be the same. 

Documents needed for I 94 correction:

  • 1.Passport picture page
  • 2.Passport Personal data page
  • 3.Visa page
  • 4.Passport page showing latest admission stamp
  • 5.Copy of L1 petition

Note: Depending on your correction request, list of documents needed may vary.

In my case, the officer listened to my story and shared an email id ([email protected]). He asked me to share the following docs in pdf format (no other format will be accepted)

How long does i 94 take to update ?

Based on the information I gathered by reading various blogs, I was expecting at least 3-5 days to get the data updated, but

😊!!Surprise!! Surprise!!😊

In my case, once the officer was satisfied with all the docs, I 94 data was updated immediately. 😍🎉

Yes!! i94 correction time was almost in real-time!!

i-94 h1b

i94 is not related to your visa type. H1b is your visa type and I 94 is the record of your travel history in and out of the USA.


SFO i 94 correction email format

The email format will be the same as shared in this post. In case SFO CBP asks for more details, add it in the mail.

No record found for traveler i 94

Check if you are searching with correct data. If all is correct, raise a query to CBP

i 94 name correction

To get your name corrected, reach out to CBP as per the steps mentioned in this post. Worst case, you may have to visit your nearest CBP. Name correction i 94

 i 94 correction Seattle

You can send an email to CBP Seattle [email protected]. If possible, first try to speak with the authority and based on their suggestions take the action.

How long does it take to update i 94?

With CBP getting online, updating i 94 is just a matter of seconds. This again depends on the type of update, some may take longer. In my case, it took 10min to get my “Valid until date” updated based on the visa expiry date.

How long does it take for i 94 to be available online?

Normally it takes 2 days but again it may vary based on multiple factors.You may try finding your i 94 online after a week of entering the US. 

How to find CBP office near me?

Visit this link https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports
Click on the state you are currently in 
It will display a list of address 
Click on the nearest one and you will see address, Office time, phone number, etc on the page 
Call the office and get your query resolved!!



It was a very pleasant experience, I did not have to step out of my house and the work was done over emails. 

No matter if you are in Memphis or San Francisco or Atlanta, the process is very streamlined.

Kudos to CBP 👍 

Do comment if I94 correction Online / I-94 correction emailblog was helpful to you if you found any different process in your city do share so that all can benefit especially for San Francisco i-94 correction.

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