How To Get Megabus £1 Tickets?

Megabus UK is one of the cheapest modes of transportation in the UK.

To get Megabus ticket for £1, visit the website and Explore->Fare Finder. 

Enter the details and on the months view, browse to find £1 or few other cheap bus tickets!

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You can book Megabus tickets for:

  1. UK Tour
  2. Visit from one place to another in the UK
  3. Visit other European countries (Megabus will redirect you to its partner site)

Megabus One Pound tickets Booking

Megabus offers a few £1 tickets plus booking charges.

To get £1 Megabus tickets

1. Browse to

2. Explore->Fare Finder

Megabus £1 Tickets

3. Click on the button “Find Tickets”

4. Enter an Origin and click Continue

Megabus UK cheap Tickets

5. Select Weekend Trip

Megabus one pound Tickets

6. For the number of travelers, select 1

how to book Megabus Tickets

7. Select an appropriate option on the discount card

8. Click on Months and see dates where a £1 or other cheap ticket is available.

Which month Megabus Tickets are cheapest

9. Go ahead and buy the ticket!!

If you do not find £1 tickets listed, maybe you missed the deal, try changing the month or try early next time.

Or if you are good with £6,  £9, etc, you got yourself a deal! 

Megabus cheap bus Tickets

MegaBus UK Tickets Deals

Find the latest Megabus Ticket deals by following Megabus on Twitter. 

Megabus comes up with many offers you can avail just by following Megabus & turning on notifications

Click to connect with Megabus on Twitter

Megabus Tours UK

Do check the Megabus Official site for latest changes.

The tour lasts around 2hrs and covers 50 of the London’s best sites.

The tour commentary will give you interesting facts about the sights.

You can get the tickets Online or from London Eye departure point.

Note: For wheelchair assistance, call +44(0)1413524444 before booking.

Megabus Tours UK Video

Check out this video to get an idea of what to expect on a Megabus Tour.

Megabus UK Inside Tour Video

Check out this video to get a sneak peak inside the MegaBus.

Hacks To Save on Travel in UK

You can save money on your traveling cost by using one of the tips mentioned below apart from the Megabus:

1. Get Cheap Rail Fares: You can get good price on your rail travel by booking around 12 weeks in advance.

You may be restricted to one particular train (read the small prints carefully), so plan accordingly.

2. Get A Rail Card: By buying a yearly Rail card for £30, you can save on both adult and kids travel.

Tesco club points can also be used to buy tickets!

Also explore “Two Together”, “Senior” and “16-25” options from railcard.

3. Break Journey: At times you can same on your ticket cost by breaking a long journey into smaller, multiple journeys. can help you with this for a small fee.


Megabus is a safe and cheap way to travel. These services are available in the US and Canada as well.

Megabus UK tours is a good way to cover most of UK if you are visiting UK for a short time. What better if you are able to get the One pound ticket!!

It may not be very appealing for people staying there.

My suggestion is, first take a tour, then plan to revisit the places you like most and spend time there!

Click on the link to Check more money saving hacks during travel

Megabus Travel with Family:My Experience (USA)

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