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Extended stay America hotels are one of the best long stay option in the US. You can either directly book with Extended stay or use Priceline to see the cheapest deals available.

I have a transferable job in the US & almost every year have to move to a new city along with family. So my first contact with any new city is Extended Stay America.
Every time I was totally satisfied with my stay here.

In this post, I have shared my experience of staying in this hotel, how the staff helped me when I was left without a room even after confirmed booking.

Keep on reading if you are planning to stay in this hotel.

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Extended Stay America

Are you looking for a long stay in the hotel and would like to cook for yourself? Welcome to “Extended Stay America”.

It is a chain of Apartment hotels in the USA and Canada that provides a kitchen facility in the room along with utensils for cooking !! 

Ratings for Extended Stay America Hotels

Following are some ratings from third parties for your reference.

Extended Stay America Pet Friendly

How to book Extended Stay America hotel on Priceline

You can filter on Extended stay America from the filter option on the left hand side of or let Click here

Just enter it in search hotels search box and press search.

This filter will display only Extended Stay America hotels for the destination you selected

Extended Stay America Amenities

To make your stay comfortable, the following amenities are available in Extended stay:

  • 1. Fully equipped kitchen
  • 2. Free wi-fi in the room
  • 3. Flat-screen TV
  • 4. Shuttle service (at selected hotels only)
  • 5. Filtered water in room (at selected hotels only)
  • 6. Laundry Facility (paid)
  • 7. Fitness rooms(temporarily suspended due to covid)
  • 8. Free grab and go breakfast (temporarily suspended due to covid)

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Apart from the above mentioned, I found the huge parking lot outside the hotel very useful. I got my car delivered right at my hotel while moving from one city to another!!

Extended Stay America Booking

Coupons for Extended Stay America

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Extended Stay America Coupon

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Up to 60% off  on 60+ nights

                  31% off on 30+ nights

                  17% off on 7-14 night stays

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Extended Stay America Review-My Experience 

I usually reached the hotel while moving from one city to another at pretty late hours.

The desk staff were very helpful with the whole process and even gave me a coffee machine for my room when I requested it (late at around 1am!! Needed my cup of caffeine to relax after a long journey).


The utensils provided are sufficient enough to cook any kind of food.

The kitchen had Stovetop, full-size refrigerator, microwave. You may have to ask for a coffee maker if you love your caffeine.

The beds are comfortable, sheets are clean. Getting a fresh sheet and towels daily gives good confidence on the hygiene part, you may have to make your bed though.

Washrooms are clean, with enough supply of soap, cream, etc. You can ask for fresh towels, more toiletries anytime you need them!

Morning breakfast is not the best but considering the cost of my stay & availability of kitchen, I thought it was ok.

You can pick up granola bars, oats, hot coffee, tea, hot chocolates from the breakfast counter till 8 or 9am in the morning.

Tv had enough channels to keep my 10year old kid entertained (that’s a tough one!!)

Thank You Extended Stay America, Atlanta

This incident happened during my travel to Atlanta from Memphis with my family.

I booked a hotel with Priceline around 4-5 hours in advance (was checking out the last-minute deal they offered 😁).

I had done an advance booking in Hilton for the next day, this day I just kept for adventure!

I got a confirmation that the room has been booked at Extended Stay America. 

Since I have been using Priceline and have stayed in Extended stay many times, I did not bother calling up Extended stay to re-confirm.

If you have been following my blog, you may know that I like to use public transport instead of renting a car while visiting a new city.

Do read Atlanta without car to read my experience.

So we took a bus and reached the Extended stay around 9pm.

I showed the booking details at the reception and to my surprise and shock, she said they had no room available!!

Here I was, standing at the lobby of Extended stay America, with my wife and 10-year-old kid in the middle of the night with no room!!

The adventure was turning into a misadventure!!

I immediately called Priceline customer care but could not reach an agent as I was in the queue, for more than 30 min…

While my wife was on phone, waiting for customer care to respond, I tried booking a different hotel but all were full (It was valentine week Saturday)

I had no clue, what to do. I reached out to many of my friends to check if they had any contact in Atlanta, but no use.

After around an hour (it seemed forever to me), the lady at reception approached me and said she may be able to give me a room but its bathroom door had no lock.

Considering the situation I was in, I would have accepted a room with no bathroom door at all!! I immediately agreed and moved into the room.

I could not have thanked more to the lady at reception and my trust in Extended Stay America became even stronger.

Video Review of Extended Stay America

Like videos more than reading? Check out this video

Extended Stay America corporate Office

The corporate office of Extended Stay is in the US, Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Jonathan Halkyard is the CEO since 2018 till the time of publishing this post

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Extended Stay America near me

Extended stay is spread all across the US and Canada. No matter what the location, you will find an Extended-stay there.

Find out the Extended Stay America hotels near you in a few clicks and enjoy your stay!!

Just enter your city and get locations of extended stay America along with great discounts!!

You can also search hotels by Map to get the location of the hotel.


Monthly rates for Extended Stay America

Monthly rates will vary depending on which city you are looking for but Extended stay does have special rates for people staying long.

It starts anywhere around $40 per night (depending on the city)

Check out the special Monthly rates for the city you are interested in.

Extended Stay America Airport Shuttle

I did not use the shuttle service but I believe Extended stay or any other hotel near the airport does provide a free Airport Shuttle service. 

You may want to check the shuttle timings upfront to avoid disappointment.

Extended Stay America Hotels

This chain of hotels is all across the US and Canada. Following are a few for your quick reference:



San Diego







Does Extended Stay America allow pet?

Yes, pet friendliness is one of the highlights of this chain of hotels. You can get your Dog, Cat along with you. A maximum of 2 pets allowed, in each room/suite.
A $25 +tax per day, per pet non-refundable cleaning fee for the first month (not to exceed $150 per month) payable on the first night of the stay. After one month it drops to $10 per day per pet.

How long can you stay in Extended Stay America?

Extended sta is an Apartment Hotel and they love people staying for longer durations. For Online booking, they do not allow booking beyond approx 12months from today, if you want to stay longer, better connect with their customer service and negotiate hard to get better rates !!

Does Extended Stay have free breakfast?

They do offer grab and go, not a full menu just a granola bar, oats, hot beverages.

What is Extended Stay America check out time?

You need to check out by 11AM but in case you need a couple of more hours, you can inform the front desk and they will help you out.
The checking time starts at 3PM so the staff has to get the rooms ready before that.

Priceline Extended Stay America Booking

You can either directly book on the Extended Stay website or book via Priceline.

Priceline is an aggregator and at times you may get a better rate than direct booking. If you have a Priceline credit card, you can get additional points as well.

Extended Stay America wifi upgrade

You will get free wifi in all the Extended Stay hotels. If you want more bandwidth for whatever reason, you will have to pay for it.

Just login to your free wifi and click on enhanced internet service. Pay the additional amount using your credit card and you are all set.

Read the detailed pet policy



My verdict: Extended Stay America is the best when it comes to a long stay. It’s almost like a home away from home!! I agree that some angry customers may have given low ratings, but this review is my personal experience.

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