Call Priceline Customer Service Number Across the world In 1 Click!

Sorry to know that you need to cancel your booking.To make things easy for you, I have listed the Priceline Customer Care numbers across the world in this post. Just find your country and click on the number to make the call! (mobile only feature).
Let's get started...

Note: The helpline phone numbers are as per Priceline website.
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How to use 1 click dial?

Follow these 3 simple steps to dial:

  1. Click on your region in Table of contents below or simply scroll down to find the region your country is in.
  2. Select your country from the list of countries under it.
  3. Click on the link to dial from phone

Priceline Customer Service

North America: Customer Service For

United States: 877-477-5807,
Canada:877-477-5807 ,
Mexico:+52 18002833214

Europe / Middle East: Call Customer Service

UnitedKingdom:02071368462 ,

Austria: +43800070854 ,

Belgium: +3280074061 ,
CzechRepublic: +12032206946 ,
Germany:+498005052829 ,
Denmark:+4580831036 ,
Finland:+358800912954 ,
France:+33805118335 ,
Greece:+3080016122031547 ,
Hungary:+12032206946 ,
Ireland: +12032206946 ,
Israel:+80077423546 ,
Italy:+39800669780 ,
Netherlands:+318000249689 ,
Poland:+48128813298 ,
Portugal:+80077423546 ,
Spain:+34900983240 ,
Sweden: +46200336782 ,
Switzerland: +41800838799 ,

Central / South America: Call Customer Service

Argentina:+1 203-220-6946,
Brazil: +1 203-220-6946

Caribbean: Call Customer Service

Antigua and Barbuda:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Bahamas:1-800-774-2354 ,
Barbados:+1 203-220-6946,
Bermuda:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Cayman Islands:+1 203-220-6946,
Dominican Republic:+1 203-220-6946,
Grenada:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Jamaica:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Puerto Rico:+1 203-220-6946 ,
St.Kitts and Nevis: +1 203-220-6946 ,
StLucia:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Turks and Caicos Islands:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Trinidad and Tobago:+1 203-220-6946 ,
British Virgin Islands:+1 203-220-6946 ,
US Virgin Islands:+1 203-220-6946

Asia Pacific:Customer Service For

Australia:+1 203-220-6946 ,
China:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Guam:+1 203-220-6946 ,
HongKong:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Japan: +1 203-220-6946 ,
RepublicofKorea:+1 203-220-6946,
NewZealand:+1 203-220-6946,
Philippines:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Singapore:+1 203-220-6946 ,
Thailand:+1 203-220-6946,
Taiwan:+1 203-220-6946

Anywhere Else: Customer Service For

+1 203-220-6946,

Calling Priceline customer service number and talking to a person is the best way to resolve any query, but it is also time taking due to huge traffic to these numbers.
Texting support may give better results if you have a very generic query

Priceline Text support

One more option to connect with customer care is Text with Priceline at 33296

I prefer this option as it does not keep me on phone for hours!!

Priceline 800 number

The 800 number is the toll free number but may have the longest wait time!


How to call Priceline Customer Service?

Just look for your country in the post above and click on the customer service number against it.

Pro tip to get response from Priceline Customer Care

Twitter is one platform that no business can ignore. I have tried this method several time and every time I got a response!!

Just tweet on the priceline official handle and see customre care chase you till you say thank you!!


How to speak with an executive at Priceline?

Dial the numbers mentioned in this post but be prepared to hold for very long time (sometime hours). Better check other modes like Chat, Email, SMS/text

How to raise a complain to Priceline?

Depending on the urgency, you can either email them or use chat bot. Best chances is to check the contact information on your confirmation email and use that channel. 

Is Priceline Legit?

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