How To Get Cheap Hotel Room Using Priceline?

Looking for a good hotel room at a discounted price? Priceline Hotels should be among your list of online platforms where you do your search.

Priceline Hotels offers many hacks that help you get a hotel room at a fraction of the cost!! 

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In this post, I have shared my personal experience and tricks that got me excellent deals on hotel stay.

What is Priceline?

It is an online travel agency (both web and app) that offers you deals on your travel-related purchases likecheap hotels,cheap flights,and rental cars.

You can book your travel from Priceline

Priceline Hotels

It has a full range of hotels for its customers. You can opt for premium hotels or motels at a cheap price..

It’s important that you check the customer’s ratings before booking as Priceline does not recommend or certify any hotels, it just serves you as per your need.

Priceline Hotels and motels are not actually its property but as an online agent, it helps you get the best rate.

There are two ways in which you can book hotels in Priceline

1. Priceline Hotel Room Standard Booking

These hotels are like booking on any other website. You search the hotel by name or location, see the name, specifications, and price.

If everything is to your liking, you go ahead and book the hotel.

The flip side of this method is you do not get the price discounts but have the flexibility of cancelling the booking..

2. Using Priceline Hotel Booking Hacks

You will find some very nice tools provided by this website/ mobile app that will get you the hotels at a cheap price. The only problem is you cannot cancel the booking in these deals!

Priceline offers the following tools to save money on hotel bookings:

i. Cheap Hotels with Priceline Express Deals:

Missed booking hotels months in advance to get the cheap rates? No Problem, try Priceline Express Deals.

These are the last moment deals (normally available for booking within 15days) and are a great way to get discounts when prices are high at all other places.

The catch is you will aware of the area/location you may get the hotel and the exact name of the hotel will be disclosed only after making the payment.

You get hotels at cheap rates as compared to hotel booking without this tool if the name of the hotel is not very important for you.

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ii. Priceline Pricebreaker

In this tool, you will get one hotel from a list of three. The catch is that name and location of the hotel will be disclosed after payment is done.

This is an excellent tool to get cheap hotels if you are fine with the three locations of the hotel.

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iii.Priceline VIP

This is the Priceline loyalty program, free for all. As you book hotels in Priceline, you climb up the levels and get additional facilities.

The beauty of this is you get the cheapest hotel rates, without searching for it!!

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iv.Priceline Tonight only deal:

Missed booking hotel room for any reason, you may get a better deal on Priceline Tonight Only deals.

It is available only on iPhones with US numbers.

For details, read:Priceline Tonight Only Deals

Best Way To Get Cheap Hotel At The Very Last Moment

v.Priceline Name your price

This feature is no longer supported by Priceline. It was a bidding tool where you could have bid on a particular hotel with a particular price in your mind. If you win the bid, you got the bed else it’s on the road!

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Priceline cancellation policy

Like other aggregator service providers, Priceline also does not have its own hotels. It just connects you to the actual provider by offering a better rate.

So unless you have opted for free cancellation (which will bump up the cost of your booking), all the cancellations are dependent on the actual service providers’ cancellation policy.

For details, read Priceline Cancellation Policy

Priceline Hotel, Flight CarApp

You can manage your whole travel experience by installing the Priceline app, it’s available for both iOS and Android.

The easy-to-use app is really helpful. Priceline offers some app-only deals as well like “last-minute deal”!!

Priceline military discount:

Active military personnel, retirees, and their family members can avail of exclusive discounts on Priceline. 

To get the military discount, you need to navigate to website is powered by Priceline

Read full details on Priceline Military Discount


Priceline Hotels

 Priceline FAQ’s:

Is Priceline safe for hotels?

Yes, I have been using its hotels every time I go out of state with my family and did not face any safety concerns.
Having said that, do check the Hotel ratings before booking. Priceline is only an aggregator and just facilitates hotel bookings for its customers.

How to change currency in Priceline?

Once you hit the search button by entering your criteria, on the top right hand side you will see a dropdown where you can change the currency.


Priceline offers some excellent tools to find cheap hotels but these cannot be cancelled once booked. Its normal booking offers cancellation but then these rates are not discounted.

Go for the deals from Priceline only if you are sure of the trip else book with normal booking.

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Is Priceline Legit?

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