Simplifying Priceline cancellations!

With power comes responsibilities and with booking comes cancellations!! đŸ˜‡

Change of plans and need to cancel bookings done on Priceline? Sorry to hear that…

This post may help you with your cancellations. I have tried to highlight some important aspects of Priceline Cancellation Policy.

In a nutshell, the cancellation policy of Priceline depends upon the terms & conditions and type of reservation. You will not be able to cancel any bookings done under a deal like Pricebreaker, Express deals but other type of bookings can be canceled (subjected to T&C).

Keep reading for details...

You can easily cancel your bookings (if allowed) by following the steps mentioned in this post. For your convenience, I have also listed 1 Click Priceline customer care numbers across the world in this post, just click on the number (mobile only feature) and connect with priceline helpdesk.

Note: You will find using Priceline App more easy while contacting customer care.

Let’s get started…

Priceline is one of the major online travel booking platforms in the US.

Its business model is that of an aggregator i.e it does not have its own Hotels or Aircraft or Cars but it has tie-up with all the major providers and helps them sell its “Unsold Inventory” at a discounted rate, in the process, it passes on some discount to its customers.

Priceline Cancellation Policy

Note: This is a generic Flight , Hotel, Car rental cancellation policy to give you sneak peek. To know the nitty-gritty of each cancellation policy, visit the Priceline website.

Priceline has its own booking platform and it handles all the payments, adjustments, cancellation needs of its customers.

Priceline can honor a refund/cancellations only if:

  • It’s within the policy of its partner that will actually be providing the services to you.
  • You have opted for free cancellation (which will bump up the cost of your booking)

For any Priceline deals like Pricebreaker or Express Deals, no cancellations or refunds are available from Priceline unless you added trip protection at an extra cost.

How to cancel a reservation on Priceline?

For canceling eligible Priceline bookings (it includes Hotel, Flights, Car Rental, Cruise), You can take any one of the following approaches:

Note: Using these features on Priceline App gives a better customer experience.

1. Online:

Log on to the Priceline account and select cancel after finding your booking or look for the Cancel option on your reservation page.

You will receive a confirmation email when the booking is canceled.

Do note that receiving this email does not mean that you will get a refund or credit. It depends on the provider with whom you have been booked.

Priceline will send another email with details about any refunds/credits.

2. Contact customer care:

It’s preferred that you use the Online method for any cancellations. In case you are not able to do it, then only reach out to customer care on 1-800-774-2354

Check out the customer support numbers across the world:
1 Click To Call Priceline Customer support across the world

Fun fact: You have a better chance of winning a lottery than connecting to the customer care đŸ‘¿

You can opt for a call back instead of waiting on hold (I highly recommend doing this).

3. To Cancel Priceline Flight, there is a third way

You can submit the cancelation form to authorize Priceline to cancel your booking. The cancellation policy specific to your itinerary will apply.

Note: If you got two one-way flights, you will have to cancel both individually. Canceling one will not automatically cancel the other.

Pro Tip: One sure shot way to get a reply is on Twitter

More ways to contact Priceline

Text with Priceline

You can also text Priceline customer care at 33296. You will receive a quicker response here.

Priceline Chat Bot

Chat with Priceline, chatbot link is on their contact page

Priceline Travel Insurance (Priceline Trip Protection)

You can take third party travel insurance (by paying extra) in case you want to protect your trip due to:

  1. Illness
  2. Injury
  3. Natural disaster at Origin or Destination city.

In case you have to cancel your travel due to any of the above reasons, raise a cancellation request with Priceline and then inform the insurance provider.

Priceline Cancellations FAQ’s:

Can you cancel Priceline Express Deals Flights?

No, You cannot cancel Priceline Express Deals Flights. The simple reason being these are last-minute deals and you are getting the rate that does not include cover for cancellation.

2.How to cancel Priceline Express Deal Flights?

The easiest way is “don’t board the flight”…. do not bother for a refund as there are none if booked under this deal.

Will canceling car reservations cancel insurance as well?

Yes, both will be done together if it’s bought as a bundle. A 100% refund will be done on insurance, refund on car booking will depend on the provider’s policy.

What is Flexible cancellation on Priceline?

If you opt for Priceline free or flexible cancellation, you will not get the discounted price of Priceline Express or Pricbreaker deals. Flexible or free cancellation will bump up the price.

Priceline 24 hour cancellation policy

This is a Government law in the US and all have to abide by the 24 hours cancellation rule unless specified as in the case of Express, Pricebreaker Deals.

Priceline Cancellation Fee

Priceline do charge a cancellation Fee where a cancellation is allowed. The cancellation charges could be anywhere between $200-$300 and you may have to pay a processing fee on top of it.

Read the fine lines on your reservation confirmation.

Priceline Free Cancellation

Priceline Free cancellations are applicable only to the 24-hour rule (not applicable on deals) or in case Priceline has come up with any offers at the time of booking otherwise you will have to pay for the cancellation as well as the cancellation processing fee.


Two words for Priceline cancellations- “It’s complex”. Do read the fine line before making the payment.

Thumb rule to follow:
Any bookings with Deals- No Refund

For other bookings- Specifically, opt for the “Cancellation” option or take the trip cancellation insurance.

Do check out this video on the cancellation experience with Priceline, not a very positive video for Priceline.

You need to take your call, Priceline saves you a lot of money but sucks at refunds (isn’t this true with all the aggregators?).

Is Priceline Ligit?

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