Hot springs are the Hot tub provided by Nature!!

Looking for Best Hot Springs in Nevada? Yes, Vegas is not the only famous place in NV!

There are many hot springs around the US but the one that caught my attention is the Hot springs near Reno, Nevada (NV).

You will definitely love the list of free and paid hot springs mentioned in this post.

Let’s get started…

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You will find so many Hot springs around Reno, and they come in all sizes!

Water temperature can vary anywhere between 95-105 F. At some places, it can get hotter and at someplace you may feel it’s just warm.

Reno is in Nevada, along the California border, famously known as the “Biggest Little city in the world

The hot springs in Nevada are mostly free but some of it is part of private property, so better read the signposts.

Secondly, most of the free hot springs are not accessible easily. You may have to drive on a dirt road and also hike before reaching the place.

Being in wild, there is no dress code. So do not be surprised if the person beside you in the hot pool is “dressed naturally”. 

Rules to know before you visit Hot spring

  1. Be prepared for a long trek through a muddy, slippery pathway. So make sure your shoes are appropriate.
  2. Carry dry and warm clothes, once you are out of Hot spring, chill air will greet you.
  3. Northern Nevada hot springs are located in a remote area and there is no dress code, so be prepared and don’t appear shocked.
  4. Share the space, as it’s open to the public.
  5. Make sure to take care of all the garbage you produce.
  6. Most of the free Hot springs are part of state parks, make sure to follow the rules
Now let’s hit the road…

Here is my list of the Best Hot Springs around Reno, NV.

It includes Nevada Hot Spring, California, Colorado & Utah.

Best Hot Springs Near Reno

1. Wild Wily’s Hot Springs Off HWY 395

Also known as Crowley hot spring. It can accommodate 30-40 people is and very popular with travelers, so be prepared.

Reach there early morning, around 5-530 Am to avoid the crowd.

Located in California, near Mammoth lake. It is free for all and a drive on a dirt road will take you here.

2. Hill Top Hot spring

This is also known as Pulk Pool, around 2 miles away from Wild wily.

Another free hot spring, a much smaller one that can accommodate 4-6 people.

It’s a manmade pool popular with “nude soakers”. Do expect “company” whenever you take a dip.

3. Meadows Hot spring

Meadows is in Utah and is a part of private property. Use it responsibly and ensure to read and follow the signs.

Do not mix this with Soldier Meadows hot spring that is in Nevada.

4. Soldier Meadows hot spring

You will find many campsites around this area, with 6 bathing spots this is one of the best if you want to spend a night.

5. Trego Hot Springs

This is around a 3hr drive from Reno and is adjacent to railroad tracks on BLM land. It has a long ditch with a soft mud bottom and yes, you guessed it right… rainy days are horrible. The dirt roads get all messed up.

You can camp here to enjoy the night.

6. Spencer Hot Spring

Around 150 miles from Reno with camping spots. The dirt road is the only option to reach here. You will have to walk a bit but be careful about the hot source of water.

Spencer Hot Spring has 4 different sources and water is extremely hot.

7. Buckey Hot Spring

Located in Bridgeport, CA. To reach here, you will have to hike on slippery and steep paths. Be careful during dark, you may hurt yourself. Good that you can camp at the site and make the most of the sunlight.

This gives you dual fun of Hot Spring and waterfall!

Resort Hot Springs

In case you need a “luxury experience” while enjoying hot springs, there is plenty of options available.

Do remember, with luxury comes cost!


Hot springs near Lake Tahoe

David Walley’s hot spring

It has 5 mineral hot springs, an outdoor pool-heated, a sauna, and many more. Adults have to pay $45 and $20 for children.

Steamboat Hot springs

Steamboat is a city in Colorado with many natural mineral pools. Its an International ski resort as well 😉

Strawberry Park Hot pool is one of the best, just 25 min drive from downtown,The admission fee is a flat $20 for all ages(cash only). You can get shuttle service from Downtown in case you do not want to drive (a wise decision provided limited parking spots)

Note: After dark, clothing becomes optional and age restrictions kicks in!

Things to do in Reno besides Hot Springs

Do check out the things you can do in Reno when not taking a dip in Hot spring around it!!

Here is my list of things to do:

  1. Walk along the river in Downtown
  2. Rock climbing at Whitney Peak Hotel
  3. Automobile Museum
  4. Casino
  5. Junkee shop- second hand goods sold here


Reno is a great place for both parties and hot springs. 

Now it’s your turn, do let me know if you found this article- Best Hot Springs Around Reno, NV useful.

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