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What is Hilton Honors?

Hilton Honors is the loyalty program from the Hilton Group of Hotels, one of the largest hotel chains in the world. 

Anyone can enroll for free and start collecting reward points as they book their stay using the Hilton website or app.

Once you enroll, you will get your Hilton honors number in your registered email id.

Hilton Honors Login

To log in to Hilton Honors, you will need your Hilton Honors account. If you already have one, just click on Sign In & login using your Hilton honors number or User Id.

To create a new account in Hilton Honors, signup by following these simple steps:

1. Browse to Hilton honors

2.Click on the Join Hilton Honors link on the top right-hand corner




3. Enter your :

  •  First name, Last name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Country,  Address & Zipcode

 Enter a password– must be between 8-32

 characters, at least one lower case,  one upper case

 and one number.

 Confirm your password and click on the “Join for the

 free button”

That’s it!! Start earning Hilton points. 

Earned Hilton points mean free stay!

How to earn Hilton Honors points?

Hilton Honors points are categorized into two :

1. Base Point    2. Bonus points.

Basepoint is earned by:

i. Staying at Hilton hotels

    ii. Hilton Credit card usage

    iii. Amex card

    iv. Dining out

eg: If you stay at a qualified Hilton Hotel and paid $300, you will earn:

3000 Base points as a member and 3600 as a silver member (3000 base points+ 600 bonus points)

The bonus points keep on increasing based on your elite status!

Bonus points 

Bonus points are earned based on your elite status or the Hilton Honor Credit card used.

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Hacks to get more Hilton Honors points

There are few other ways as well to earn Hilton Honors Points:

1. Car Rentals:

Check the Car rental section in this post.

2. Cruises for Hilton Honors: 

Buy Cruise from CruisesOnly and earn bonus points.

3. Promotional Offers: 

Look out for promotional offers that Hilton Honors roll out regularly and get double bonus points!

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4. OneSimCard: 

International travelers can earn by using OncSimCard during their international trip.

5. Hilton Honors Dining: 

This is a free program from Hilton where you can connect your rewards account to your credit card. Every time you use this credit card at Hilton-listed outlets, you earn points!!

6. Buy Points: 

You can buy points if you are falling short of some. Within 24 hours points will be transferred to your account.

From time to time Hilton comes up with special offers on purchasing points, grab it for the best bang for your money.

ReviewBlogTravel team recommends buying points only if you need to top up for a stay.

7. Booking Meetings and events: 

There are events where meeting organizers can earn bonus points on meeting rooms and guest rooms.

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How to use Hilton Honors points?

Following are the best way to use Hilton Honors points:

1. Get free stay:

This is the best way to make use of the reward points you have earned as it gives the maximum value for your points.

2. Hilton Experiences:

In case you don’t have any travel plan and are sitting on loads of Hilton points, redeem it for exclusive concerts, sporting events, tours, etc.

Some of these experiences have fixed prices in terms of numbers of points and few are via auctions.

3.Buy stuff from Amazon using Hilton Points

You can buy stuff from Amazon by linking the two accounts.Even though this is an option, it is recommended not to spend Hilton points this way as each Hilton point is worth 0.2 cents as compared to 0.5 when you stay at Hilton.

4. Use it as Airline points:

Yes, you can transfer our Hilton points to airlines.

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Hilton Points Explorer Tool

One of the most criticized points about Hilton Honors is the missing Hilton Award Chart i.e a ready reckoner.

A ready reckoner would have helped look up how many points are needed for your stay and make a decision.

But there is a valid reason for Hilton Honors not having a ready reckoner, its because the value of Hilton rooms changes as per the demand i.e you will have to shell out more points during peak season than lull season for the same room.

The closest tool to the aware chart is Hilton Points Explorer tool

In this tool you enter the points you have the location or hotel where you want to stay. 

It will display the minimum and maximum points you may have to shell out in order to book a room here.


Hilton Honors Customer Service

Hilton Honors phone number, this is the Hilton honors 800 number, where you can connect to customer care is +1-800-548-8690

When do Hilton Honors points expire?

Hilton Honors points expire after 12months of inactivity. So you need to have a stay in any of the Hilton at least once a year to keep your points active.

If you have a credit card that automatically gives you elite status, then it’s a different story.

Hilton Honors Status (tiers)

Hilton Honors have 4 tiers:

1. Hilton Members Status: 

As soon as you signup, you are placed in this tier. You will stay in this tier till your 4th stay. 5th stay onwards you move to Silver.

2. Hilton Silver Status: 

You stay in this tier from the 5th night till your 20th night.

3. Hilton Gold Status: 

20+ night stay takes you to Gold membership.

4.Hilton Dimond Status: 

30+ nights give you Dimond status.

Watch this video to see how you can reach the Dimond tier easily.

Lifetime Dimond Status

Hilton will provide you with Lifetime Dimond status If you have Dimond status for the past 10years (it does not have to be consecutive).

In addition, the following two milestones must also be met:

  • 1. A total of 1,000 paid and rewards nights.
  • 2. Earn a total of 2 million base points.

Hilton Honors Lifetime Diamond Gift

Hilton sends gifts to its lifetime Dimond members. Initially, it was related to travel, now they have added Bose Headphones to their list.

Hilton Honors points Value

The simple answer to this question is “it depends”

It depends on how you are redeeming the points. The best worth is when you use it for Hotel stay and worst could be shopping on Amazon with it!

As a rough estimate, you can put it anywhere between 0.5 to 0.2 cents. Do note that it may be worth a lot if you redeem it for a free room at a non-peak season.

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How many Hilton honors points for a free night?

The number of points needed for a free night from Hilton is  5000 onwards. Hilton helps you get your first free night by giving you 2000 points on your first stay and 3000 on your next stay*

If you are a silver member or above, you get your fifth night free. 

Need details about points, read this awesome post from the points guy.

Is Hilton honors 4th night free?

Hilton honors 5th night is free, not 4th night or any other night. After your 4-night stay, you can opt for a free night, making the 5th night free.

Elite Status Gifting

You can gift Gold status to another member of your choice provided:

i. You have achieved 30 eligible nights in 2021 or

ii. 60 eligible nights within a calendar year after 2021

Login to your Honors accounts and look for the gifting option.

Hilton Honors Credit card


You can earn more points and get extra benefits by having this card.

You can choose among the following Hilton Honors card:

1. Hilton Honors card: 

This card gets you Silver status on Hilton Honor and comes with no annual fees.

Earn between 7x to 5x when you spend on Hotels, Gas, Dining, Groceries.

Earn 3x for each dollar spent on other eligible purchases.

2. Hilton Honors American Express Surpass card:

You get complimentary Gold status and it comes with an annual fee of $95.

Earn between 12x to 6x when you spend on Hotels, Gas, Dining, Groceries.

Earn 3x for each dollar spent on other eligible purchases.

3. Hilton Honors American Express Aspire card:

You pay an annual fee of $450 and get complimentary Dimond status.

Earn between 14x to 7x when you spend on Hotels, Gas, Dining, Groceries.

Earn 3x for each dollar spent on other eligible purchases.

Hilton Honors American Express login

Check out this video on how to maximize your card benefits…

Hilton Honors benefits

By Joining Hilton Honors, you get the following benefits:

1. Lowest Price: 

Members get the lowest price. If you find a lower rate, Hilton will give an extra 25% off!!

2. Free Wifi:

Well, I don’t know if this should be on their list at all. What else will they put here, Free Oxygen??

3. Earn Points:

Earn points on every $ you spend. Later you can redeem these points for a free stay!

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4. Exclusive App Features

Along with standard booking, check-in, check-out features one cool feature I like is you can unlock your room door with this app!!

Check out this cool video to feel the experience

5. Elite level benefits as per level

As an Elite member, you get roll-over night, free breakfast, and many more…

Here is the whole list of benefits:

Guaranteed Hilton Honors Discount rate
Points toward free nights, travel partners and more
No resort fees on reward stays
Digital Check-in
Choose Your Room
Digital Key
Free WiFi
Access to Exclusive Hilton Honors Experiences
20% Points earning Bonus on stays
Free bottled water
Fifth night free
Elite Rollover Nights
80% Points earning Bonus on Stays
Space-available room upgrades
Free continental breakfast
Milestone Bonuses
100% Points earning Bonus on stays
Space-available room upgrades
Executive lounge access
Diamond status extension
Premium WiFi
48-hour room guarantee
Elite status gifting

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Hotels with Hilton Honors:

Hilton Honors is available at all the Hilton brands across the US, Europe, and most parts of Asia. Following is a list of Hilton Honors hotels:

Embassy SuitesTEMPOHampton
MottoHilton Garten InnTRU
Homewood SuitesHome2Hilton Grand Vacations
TapestryDouble TreeCurio
Hilton Hotels and ResortsSigniaCanopy
ConradLXRWaldorf Astoria

Hilton Honors network hotels are all over the world.

Hilton Honors car rental 

You may be wondering about the relation between Hilton Honors and car rental…


Earn points when you rent a car using Hilton Honors or redeem points!!

The maximum number of points that you can redeem is 12,000 and the rest can be paid using your card.

Login to Hilton honors rental car

Note: You can book only with following only:

1.Alamo Hilton Honors

The service will be provided by Alamo, you get an additional benefit of earning or redeeming points

2.Enterprise Hilton Honors

Enterprise will remain as your service provider, Hilton Honors is just a channel to additional discounts.

3.National Hilton Honors

Service providers will still be National.

Hilton Honors Lyft

You can link your Hilton Honors account with your Lyft account and earn membership rewards points on every dollar you spend!

Lyft Hilton Help

Hilton Honors point transfer

You can transfer your points to your friends and families for free!!

You can transfer 500 thousand points each year. Just log in to your account and make the transfer.

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Transfer Credit Card points to Hilton Honors

You can transfer your Amex or Diners club points to Hilton Honors.

Amex Membership Rewards:

You can transfer your Amex points to Hilton Honors @ 1:2 (for US only, other countries have different ratios. Country-wise Amex to Hilton transfer ratio)

Before transferring your Amex points, do check the value you are getting from it as each American Express rewards point is worth around 2cents but the Honors point is worth around 0.5 Cents.

Diners Club International Club Rewards:

US cardholders can exchange 1,250 rewards point for 2 thousand Hilton Honors point

Hilton Honors Macquarie Platinum Card

Macquarie has discontinued the Hilton Honors Macquarie platinum. This card is not available for any new member.

Existing cardholders will get their card switched to Macquarie Rewards Black card from May 2019.

Hilton Honors points value

As per, Hilton Honors points are valued at 0.5 cents i.e 1000 points value is $5.

Again, the value will depend on how you use it. As mentioned above, staying at Hilton gives the best value for your point but if you exchange it with Amazon or Airline points, the value will be much lower.

Hilton Honors Go

Go Hilton is a program only for Hilton Team Members and their authorized family and friends.

Hilton Honors Go: Unlock Special Rates

Under this program, the team members get a special room rate with the caveat that in case of overbooking, they will be relocated to another Hilton hotel.

Hilton Honors App

Mobile App for this program is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Download the app from PlayStore/AppStore depending on your mobile, log in with your credentials, and start enjoying the power of the app that includes (not limited to):

  •     i. Digital Checkin
  •     ii. Room Selection
  •     iii. Opening the doors of the hotel and your room
  •     iv. Checkout

Hilton Honors forgot username

What is my Hilton Honors username? 

Sounds familiar?

You can log in to the Honors portal by entering either the user name or Honors number.

In case you forget your username, check your registered email, you must have got it via email. It is also in your monthly statements.

Still no luck? go to Hilton Forgot username and enter the profile details you got from Hilton.

No blackout datesPoints expire if inactive for 12 months
World wide resorts and 5000+ participating HotelsEarning Hotel points and Airline points for the same stay stopped
For all rewards stays booked with points, Fees waived offA large number of points needed for a stay in high-end hotels
 No award chart that can show the number of points needed for award night stay

Hilton Honors FAQ:

Is the Hilton Honors program free?

Yes, this is a free program where you need to register by providing your details.

Ways to earn Hilton Honors points

You can earn Honor points by:
    i. Staying at Hilton hotels
    ii. Hilton Credit card usage
    iii. Amex card
    iv. Dining out

Is Hilton Honors wifi free?

Yes, free wifi is one of the features of the Hilton loyalty program.

How do Hilton Honors points expire?

Hilton Honors points expire automatically after 12months of inactivity.

Where to redeem Hilton Honors points?

You can redeem these points while booking your hotel, car. Select the option “pay using points” at the time of payment.

Is Hilton Honors worth it?

If you frequently travel to places where Hilton has services (which is all across the US, Europe & Asia) and Hilton is your favorite hotel chain, getting the membership of the honor will definitely get you special perks.

Can Hilton Honors points be used for car rental?

Yes, you can use a minimum of 12k points for car rental via Alamo, National, or Enterprise.

Can Hilton Honors points be used for airline ticket booking?

You can use Honors points as airline miles and do everything that is allowed for airline miles. 

Can you get Hilton Honors points through Priceline?

You can get Hilton Honors points only if directly booked with Hilton. Any booking done through a third party like Priceline or other platforms will not fetch you any rewards point on Hilton.
You can get points on your Priceline VIP though.

Is Hilton Honors free?

Enrolling in Hilton Honors is free. For getting into levels you will either have to stay at Hilton Hotels or buy points. 
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 Hilton Honors wifi login page

You can connect to Hilton WiFi once you reach Hilton property. Search for HHonors wifi. It will ask for a username and password. Login and you will be connected to wifi.

Where can Hilton Honors points be used?

To use Hilton Honor points:

  • Get a free room in Hilton
  • Get VIP access to concerts, dining, and other events
  • You can use it for your Lyft rides
  • Shopping on and Hilton Online mall
  • Redeem points on Car rentals with Alamo, National, Enterprise.
  • It can be turned into Airline miles with Hilton travel partners.
  •  Transfer it to a friend


Hilton Honors will enhance your stay with Hilton, if you are a frequent traveler, go for it!

Hilton has hotels in the US, Europe, and Asia which means you have a good chance to find a Hilton at the destination of your choice.

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