Guide To Cheyenne Wyoming Elevation, Weather and more…

Wyoming is one of the states in the Central part of the USA. The capital city of Cheyenne is the most populous city in this state. 

Cheyenne Wyoming
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Cheyenne Wyoming Zip Code

The zip code of Cheyenne Wyoming is in the range of 82001- 82003 and 82006-82010

Cheyenne Wyoming Population

Cheyenne’s population is around 60-65 thousand. Following is a snapshot of the census

Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne Wyoming Elevation:

Cheyenne Wyoming is 6062 ft or 1848m above sea level. The air pressure decreases as you go higher from sea level.

Cheyenne Wyoming Elevation from sea level

Cheyenne Wyoming Weather:

Weather-wise, Cheyenne is on the extreme side with very cold temperatures in winters. Winters are long in this part, 26 F to 0 F

Summers are warm and June-July are the hottest months 70 F to 100 F

Check out the latest Cheyenne Wyoming weather

Directions to Cheyenne Wyoming  

It is well connected by interstate highways as well as the airport. 

Reaching Chevenne is very easy, If you are coming from east or west, Interstate 80 will get you here, and for North, South it’s Interstate 25.

Google map is your friend in your journey, make good use of it. 

Do  download offline map before undertaking the journey as there may be mobile signal problems in some places.

Flights To Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne has a regional airport (CYS) that servers the state. For any international travel, you will have to use Denver International airport that is around a 2hours drive.

You  can also use rental care, shuttle service, or Greyhound bus

Once in the city, you can use the city bus service, each trip will cost you $1. Do note that these are hourly services only and are not available on Sundays.

Travelodge Cheyenne Wyoming

You will find plenty of hotels, motels, Air BnB, or camping grounds at Cheyenne. There is room for everyone, every budget!

Cheyenne Wyoming Restaurants

You will find a variety of food options at restaurants. Right from Asian cuisines to your American choice food.

Cheyenne Wyoming homes for sale

Are you toying with the idea of moving to Wyoming? Hope this video helps in your decision-making.

Interested in Cheyenne Wyoming real estate, your search ends here for buying a house in Cheyenne

If you first want to move into an apartment and test the waters before taking the plunge i.e buy home, you can check Cheyenne Wyoming apartments

Jobs in Cheyenne Wyoming

Cheyenne’s employment rate is on the higher side as compared to other states in the US. Do check out Cheyenne Wyoming jobs

Things to know before traveling to Wyoming

Check the latest news and weather so that you can be aware and be prepared for what to expect once you reach there. For news for Cheyenne Wyoming

Check out the latest Cheyenne Wyoming weather

Cheyenne Wyoming places to visit

Wyoming is full of natural beauty, clean air. Do check out this video for the must-see places in Wyoming


Cheyenne Wyoming has something for everyone. Let it be history or the beautiful outdoor experience. You will get a glimps of the old west and can actually feel the intensity.

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