Do AI Travel Booking Chat Bot really save money?

Gone are the days when you had to visit a travel agent either physically or Online(Google FlightsSky scanner etc), haggle for the best deal and still not sure if you got the best deal.

With the change in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting into doing all the searching and offering the best deal in a platter.

To make this AI available to end users like you and me, chatbots are appearing on travel booking sites.

Eddy Travel Chat bot is one of the AI that is surfacing at multiple Travel booking sites.

Curious about chat bots, keep on reading…

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What is AI Chat Bot?

AI, is short form for Artificial Intelligence, is a computer program that learns from users behavior.

chatbot is also a computer program that helps users interact with the AI logic.

The way AI chatbots work is, apart from replying to your queries, they understand your need and suggest things that you have not asked.

Eg: If you are searching for cheap flights, it will show you the result based on your inputs and in addition will inform you that if you use a different date, you may get better deal!

How to use Chat Bots for travel bookings?

You may find these Chat Bots waiting politely on your favorite travel booking site for you to summon it for service.

It will come soon if its not still there else you may want to move to other Online travel booking sight that are abreast with the latest technology.

Typically, once you click on the chatbot, it will welcome you and may ask your name (if you are logged in, it will already know your name!)

Next step is to enter your travel requirement like booking a flight or hotel or car.

It will prompt you for dates and based on your inputs, it will search its database and pop out the best deal it has for you.

Do AI Chat Bots Give Best Deals?

Typically, the AI bot will search in the booking website database and show you the best deal but that best deal may not be across all the booking platforms.

Also, AI bots are linked to few affiliate programs and they will promote only those programs hence you may miss on better deals on other sites.

Are AI Chat Bots free to use?

Yes, these chat bots are integrated with the travel website and its free to use for end users. Yes, these chat bots are integrated with the travel website and its free to use for end users.


With the advancement in technology, the end users should get the best deals without spending much time in comparing the deals.

AI Travel booking chat bots are a good start, it will become more powerful once its able to access all the flights database across all the providers.

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